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Soft Furnishings Top Tips

To keep your soft furnishings/upholstery in good, clean condition, a little regular maintenance is in order. Make sure the cushions are regularly turned and plumped prior to vacuuming with the round brush attachment on the vacuum. Regularly remove all cushions to get down in the cracks of your furniture with the crevice attachment. Once a week should be sufficient for most furniture, however if you live in a high-dust home or suffer from allergies, you will want to vacuum more frequently.

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Spots and Stains

For stains and spots, you can use the same type of foaming upholstery cleaner or even natural concoctions such as club soda or white vinegar to remove stains. Clean your upholstered furniture in the same way as you would your carpet. Apply the cleaning solution to the stain or spot, allow it to soak a few moments, then blot away and vacuum when dry. You may need several applications of cleaner and to remove the stain. Never allow your upholstered furniture to become soaked or saturated because excess moisture can cause a water mark or even worse mildew and mould can start to form.

It is often said that you can put white wine on a red wine stain, which can work, however, you still have two types of wine in the fibres of your upholstery and this will attract dirt, may cause an odour and/or leave a water mark. It is therefore advisable to get a professional to flush the area with water, extract the wine and neutralise the stained area to prevent dirt being attracted to it in the future, the water marking can also be removed using specialist techniques.

Many stains can be of a complex nature and will require patience and knowledge of appropriate cleaning solutions to effectively remove them. At Absolutely Fabulous Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning we use our experience and expertise to determine what fabric, fibre, dyes and finishing agents have been used and which treatments are best suited to gain the optimum result for you.

Unfortunately some attempts to remove a stain using domestic products are at best ineffective; at worst they actually set the stain, so no amount of work by a professional will remove the stain. This is why we leave all our customers with a complimentary bottle of professional stain remover to enable them to deal with spillages more easily and safely.

If you have a soft furnishing stain and would like professional advice on how to clean it, please Call Us on free phone 0800 1955 044 or fill the form.

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