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10 Step Rug Cleaning Process

Whether we are cleaning your modern 100% wool rug or your Fine Persian Ziegler Rug, we always follow our unique 10 step rug cleaning process to guarantee you the most thorough and professional rug cleaning you’ve ever seen – or its FREE!

And it starts with us coming to survey your rug(s) to be cleaned.

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1. Pre-Inspection and Survey

As a traditional rug cleaning company we will carry out a pre-inspection and survey of the rug(s) to be cleaned. We will note any marks, stains or damage which is of concern to you and give you our honest professional advice with regards to the outcome that you can expect from choosing to have your rug(s) professionally cleaned by us.

2. We Offer Free Collection and Delivery Of Your Rugs

Once you are happy with the survey and written quotation, we carefully prepare your rug to be taken away to be cleaned at our purpose built rug cleaning facility.Sometimes we are able to clean modern rugs in your home by prior arrangement,but this would be the exception rather than the rule.

Q. Why do you take my hand knotted rug away to be cleaned?

A. By cleaning your rug at our full immersion rug washing facility we can ensure all the dry soils are removed prior to cleaning and we can fully immerse your rug in one of our purpose built rug baths to ensure it has the most thorough clean. We can also ensure it is dried quickly and thoroughly, re-treat any stains as required and finally carry out any extra work on the fringes much more easily prior to your rug being delivered back to you.

3. Dry Soil Removal (Dusting) and Power Vacuuming

Your rug is placed face down on a dusting grid, prior to running our purpose built rug dusting machine across the back of the rug to meticulously remove the embedded dry soil, grit, pet dander, hair and cellulosic fibre’s from the foundation of the rug prior to cleaning. If this step was not carried out, it would turn to mud and would be much more difficult to extract. We regularly remove over a kilogram (2lbs) of dry soils from an average 5×7 Persian or Oriental rug prior to cleaning and much, much more from an average 8×10 thick Chinese/Oriental Rug.

So if your rugs aren’t being dusted, they’re not really being cleaned!

4. Colour Fastness Testing

Sometimes the coloured dyes in your rug can run, so we are always careful to carry out colour fastness tests prior to cleaning. Which may just mean that we have to choose a different method of rug cleaning, which we would obviously advise you of. However, thankfully most dyes are stable, so please be sure this step is being taken to ensure the safety and beauty of your precious rug is maintained.

5. Full Immersion Rug Cleaning

We now reach the stage where your rug will be cleaned in one of our bespoke rug wash pits (sometimes referred to as a rug bath). The pit will be filled with water and a “rug roller” is used to squeegee the water through the rug. The rug is then thoroughly washed on both sides with a specially designed Oriental rug shampoo, soft rug brushes are used to ensure that the shampoo passes right the way through the rug. Any fringes will be cleaned and detailed by hand. We only use soft brushes specifically designed for using on fine fibre’s and fabrics.

6. Dog and Cat / Pet Urine Removal

If your rug has been contaminated by Pet Urine, the rug will be soaked in a neutralising solution to eliminate the bacteria which cause the offensive odours, then all traces of the pet urine contamination are thoroughly flushed through the fibres, until no traces are left, prior to continuing to clean the rug in the usual way. This process is quite time consuming, but worth the effort to save your precious rug.

It may be worth noting here: We are one of only a handful of professional rug cleaning companies in the UK who are trained and competent enough to undertake this delicate process for Silk and Antique rugs as well.

7. Specialist Spot and Stain Removal

If there are spots or stains still remaining in your rug they will get extra attention and treatment with our many specialist rug spot/stain removal techniques. You can rest assured that we always attempt to professionally remove all stains and if we cannot remove any particular spot or stain, then I guarantee no-one else can.

8. Post Cleaning

We use a soft brush to gently groom the rug after cleaning so that all the fibres are laying in the same direction when your rug is unrolled after delivery.

9. Stain Protector and Moth Repellent Treatments (Optional)

To protect your rug from the damage caused by moth infestation, to stop future spillages from becoming permanent stains and to maintain the clean look of your rug for longer, we can apply an all-in-one moth repellent and stain protector (similar to Scotchgard). The moth repellent treatment is especially useful for those seeking to put their rugs into storage for any period of time.

10. Speed Drying

A controlled drying environment is needed to correctly dry rugs in order to avoid mould and mildew, possible colour run problems and yellowing of the fringes. Which is why we are able to ensure that all the rugs we care for are dried quickly and thoroughly using advanced drying centrifuges, air-movers and de-humidifiers in specially designed rug drying areas.

11. Post Cleaning Inspection

We will re-inspect the rug after it has dried and will work on any spots or stains that haven’t been fully removed the first time around. This is the advantage of using our purpose built rug wash facility, as we have the time to clean items again if required. Something we couldn’t do if we were to just give the rugs a quick surface clean in situ.

Delivery and Storage

After the post cleaning inspection and final grooming your freshly cleaned rug(s) will be carefully wrapped ready to be delivered back to you.

But unlike most other rug cleaning companies who just unceremoniously drop your rug off for you to unpack yourself.
We are happy to take your rug to a room of your choice, unroll your rug, re-brush the fringes and position your rug exactly where you require it.

We can also wrap and store rugs if you are moving house.

What People Say

Very professional, knowledgable and efficient. Highly recommended.
Karen M.
Karen M.
20:49 23 Nov 22
Very friendly, pleasant and easy to work with. Did a good job.
Jo G.
Jo G.
09:56 27 Sep 22
AbFab did a great job of bringing my tired slate conservatory floor back to life. Friendly and lovely people, too. Recommended.
John M.
John M.
11:44 08 Jul 22
Very happy with the service we received from AbFab
James M.
James M.
13:39 08 Jun 22
I had a filthy rug that'd been down in a box room for decades, but seemed worth cleaning to assess its condition. AbFab immediately responded by text to my online enquiry during a Bank Holiday Weekend, provided estimates and arranged pickup the following week, provided further advice and additional services before returned the rug in spectacularly fine fettle the following week. 'Couldn't have found better, expert service.
Mark B.
Mark B.
09:34 17 May 22
I have used Ab Fab several times over at least a 10 year period and have been entirely satisfied with their work. Always professional, on time and able to respond quickly to requests. I would recommend highly
Yvonne P.
Yvonne P.
10:39 15 May 22
Amazing service from the whole team! Extremely professional, polite, organised and efficient. Would highly recommend, look no further!! 5/5 ⭐️
Nicola C
Nicola C
16:56 11 Feb 22
Great job, great guys. Thanks.
Simon J.
Simon J.
09:05 03 Oct 20
Thanks Darren and Sons - Once again a great job. My new house will look perfect once I move in next week.
Robin E.
Robin E.
22:22 14 Aug 20
Brilliant service, fair prices. Have used them twice now, I highly recommend them.
Jill T.
Jill T.
12:57 23 Aug 19
Rather scruffy rug came back good as new. Would certainly use again and recommend. Many thanks to Darren.
Dawn K.
Dawn K.
10:22 16 Nov 18
Great company. Have used before and would do again. Debated over buying new rug and decided to get it cleaned first and go from there. My large cream wool rug is now like new and no need to replace. Don't hesitate to use these guys... They'll prove worth it.
Juliet H.
Juliet H.
14:50 18 Dec 17

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